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Join Canon at the virtual WHIZ EXPO 2022 to meet Whiz by SoftBank Robotic, a commercial robot vacuum built on a trusted AI platform to deliver a higher quality, more efficient clean. Showcase booths will feature how Whiz benefits specific markets as well as helps solve challenges that cross industries. Watch short videos to gain a better understanding of how any commercial property can benefit from automating repetitive cleaning processes, like vacuuming, to help increase productivity, lower costs, free up time, and empower employees to do more high-value detailed work. Join us to see real-world examples of how users realize a high return on investment by implementing Whiz.

Why Attend

Whiz works to elevate indoor health and safety across multiple environments while also helping to ease the burdens of ongoing labor shortages. This AI-driven automated cleaning solution is now available for immediate order and delivery from authorized Canon resellers.

Expanding digital automation solutions and services, the introduction of Whiz initiates a new focus for Canon and our partners on commercial robotics and integrated automation. The commercial cobotic (collaborative robotic) vacuum works alongside people to increase building cleanliness, and overall occupant confidence across major office complexes, connected campuses, leading healthcare systems, landmark hotels, technology-forward senior living communities, and more.

Whiz represents the next step in Canon’s continued exploration of commercializing robotics and integrated automation services. In offering Whiz, Canon is collaborating with cobotics and automation leader, SoftBank Robotics America, helping you reach your goal of delivering higher quality cleaning through predictable and verifiable processes.

As many industries struggle with labor shortages, authorized Canon resellers offer a solution that allows your employees to focus on higher-value activities, improve morale, supplement staff shortages while empowering the staff you already have, and receive immediate value.

By joining, you automatically register your organization into our Whiz Expo Promotion of $1,000 off every device. Knowledge is power, so join us and learn how to help make a cleaner space for your employees, guests, residents, students, faculty, and more!



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Frequently Asked Questions

An autonomous commercial vacuum/sweeper robot with two onboard true HEPA grade filters.
Softbank Robotics
Whiz was designed and developed in Japan and is assembled in China via Foxconn.
Corporate Campuses & Office Towers, Multifamily Unit Housing, Colleges/Universities, School Districts, Hotels, Convention Spaces, Stadiums/Arenas, Senior Living Facilities, Hospitals, Casino’s, and more.
Meeting labor challenges- facilities are having a harder time hiring and retaining janitorial staff, Consistency of vacuuming/sweeping. Whiz will be your employee of the month- not calling out sick and where activity can be tracked. Meeting higher standards of cleanliness where vacuuming use to be a spot cleaning activity and is now it expected regularly. Demonstrating innovation in their facility.

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